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Central Valley Science Project
Jerry D. Valadez
Phone:  559-288-4953
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Ana G. Lopez, Science Specialist
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C/O James E. Marshall, Kremen School of Education and Human Development
California State University, Fresno, 5005 N. Maple, ED#1
Fresno, CA 93740-8025
Phone:   559-288-4953

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CSU Fresno

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5005 N. Maple Ave
FRESNO, CA 93740

About The Site:

CVSP has a long history of providing professional development to teachers in the Central Valley. Philosophically, CVSP has always aspired to build a professional learning community that promotes science achievement for all students through providing high quality professional development and leadership experiences for teachers. This aspiration is built upon a set of core beliefs:

  • Effective science teachers are competent in science content, are capable of delivering standards-ba sed content to diverse groups of students through sound pedagogical strategies, and are willing and able to assume leadership roles within the discipline
  • Science is for ALL students; consequently gender, status, cultural and linguistic equity issues are integral components of all site programs
  • Science learners, whether teachers or students, gain conceptual understanding and develop investigation skills through actively "doing" science
  • Teacher leaders are a key factor in improving science achievement

Geographically, CVSP serves a large four county area in the Central Valley of California. But, with changes in the CSMP enabling legislation over the past several years, CVSP has focused its resources in serving teachers in selected partner school districts in Fresno County, while still maintaining a strong and visible presence in the region and state. With extensive experience and a strong collaborative environment the CVSP leadership team is uniquely qualified to implement professional development content and leadership programs.


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