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Phone:   310-825-1109

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The UCLA Science Project works with both novice and more experienced science educators by providing a variety of events designed to facilitate a deep understanding of science content material and a large repertoire of highly-effective, research-based teaching strategies that can be used in the science classroom. Throughout the year, the UCLA Science Project facilitates a number of programs for K-12 teachers which consist of science content, academic language development, and effective instructional strategies geared to increase student achievement in the science classrooms. Center X also facilitiates the AP Readiness Programs for high school students in the content areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus.

In addition to supporting science teachers' professional growth by offering programs such as Nanotechnology, and Leadership Institutes, the UCLA Science Project has also partnered with several schools and districts within the Los Angeles area. In keeping with Center X's vision "Where research and practice intersect", the UCLA Science Project strives to build collaborative partnerships with the university, educational agencies, and local school districts to develop the programs offered to science teachers. As a part of these collaborations, the UCLA Science Project can learn about the cutting edge research both in education and the sciences and can tailor the professional development opportunities offered to fit the specific needs of science teachers and their students.

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