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UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project
Dr. Rachel B. Reinhard
Phyllis Goldsmith, Director of Teacher Development & Academic Literacy Specialist


2407 Dwinelle Hall
Department of History, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone:   510-643-0897

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UC Berkeley

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The UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project seeks to bridge the academy and K-12 communities to help teachers strengthen their instructional practice and provide equitable educational opportunities to all students, through a model of learning, practicing, and doing.

The UCBHSSP’s customized professional development programs respond to the needs of school sites in order to strengthen teacher capacity and increase student discipline-specific literacy and thinking as well as content knowledge. Through institutes, workshops and seminars, and site-based coaching, UCBHSSP facilitators work with teachers to grow their practice.

The UCBHSSP professional development approach includes models and trainings for differentiating instruction to access history, with a specific focus on supporting English learners and low level literacy students. Our approach is designed through collaboration among university faculty, teacher practitioners, and literacy specialists.

The UCBHSSP offers professional development for school and districts, as well as programs that are open to all teachers.

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