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Redwood Science Project
Jeffey W. White
Phone:  707-407-7771
Julie Van Sickle
Phone:  707-826-5552
Andreana Ososki
Phone:   707-826-4104


Department of Biological Sciences
Humbolt State University
Arcata, CA 95521
Phone:   707-407-7771

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Humboldt State Univiersity

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The Redwood Science Project (RSP), founded in 2000 by Drs. Casey Lu, John DeMartini, and Jeffrey White in the Department of Biological Sciences, is housed in the Humboldt Science and Mathematics Center for Teaching and Learning at Humboldt State University and is the northern most California Science Project site. The RSP develops and manages numerous initiatives to support educators across the continuum from preservice teachers through veteran teachers in schools and in informal settings. The RSP offers high quality professional development workshops and institutes, coaching and mentoring, leadership development, and other career advancement opportunities. Special programs focus on curriculum enhancement and media production for both school-based and public audiences. The RSP also conducts evaluation and research on a multitude of education programs. For more information, vist our website:

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