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Date Title Type Subject Matter City
02/14/2014 Teaching the Arts Exploring the Uncommon in Common Core Registration Flyer (767954) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
04/16/2013 The Common Core Challenge for ELLs (608466) materials CRLP
La Jolla
08/05/2013 The Educators\' Toolbox, Introducing the 2009 World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools (667535) materials CWLP
11/08/2013 Transitioning to the Common Core in Arts Education Developing Student Literacies Registration Flyer (725806) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
09/26/2014 UC Release of Photo (698521) materials CHSSP
04/09/2014 VSCAP\\\'s 2014 Developing Artistic Literacy Brochure (782843) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
06/13/2016 WLC Education Then and Now (1133125) materials CWLP