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Date Title Type Subject Matter City
02/24/2017 RIMS California Arts Project Developing Artistic Literacy, Level 1 Program for K-8 Educators in Dance, Music, Theatre OR Visual Arts (1229460) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
02/23/2017 TCAP Visual Arts K-8 programs 2017 (1229384) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
11/15/2016 LASTARS1617appccR1 (1203884) materials CWLP
11/08/2016 NCAP's Exploring Science Through Art Workshop Flyer (1203241) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
11/08/2016 Arts Education Network Flyer (1203252) materials TCAP
San Bernardino
10/27/2016 California Science Project - Nov 2016 Directors Meeting (1191149) materials CSP
10/17/2016 High School 3-course science model flyer (1180986) materials CSP
10/14/2016 Advisory Board Agenda October 2016 (1179952) materials CPEHP
10/12/2016 StudentGoals (1179000) materials CWLP
10/12/2016 AcademicPerformanceGlobalCompetenceSS16z1 (1178999) materials CWLP
10/12/2016 brochure1617 (1178998) materials CWLP
10/12/2016 AcademicPerformanceGlobalCompetenceSS16z (1178997) materials CWLP
10/11/2016 Beat the Heat Flyer (1177662) materials TCAP
San Bernardino