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Social Justice Inquiry to Action Project Launch (Fall)
Registration:  Open
Program Hours:  40
Cost:  $
Activities:  1
Program Start Date:  September 25, 2018
Program End Date:  May 2, 2019
Seats Available:  25

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California Global Education Project (CISP)

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1801 East Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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North Bay International Studies Project (NBISP)

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Nancy Case


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This program is open to all interested teachers.
There are no restictions on registration.

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Social Justice Inquiry to Action Project Launch (Fall)

About The Program:

Program 2:  Santa Rosa City Schools District Partnership with Sonoma State University School of Education and NBISPDescription:  In a partnership that will launch in June 2018 and continue through June 2019, NBISP will serve as an administrative and facilitating partner between Sonoma State’s School of Education and the largest school district in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa City Schools. Sonoma State University’s mission and vision is focused on developing teachers with a commitment to and capacity for advancing social justice through their teaching and leadership. SSU’s School of Education launched a new course entitled “Identity and Agency for Socially Just Classrooms and Communities”, developed by Dr. Aja LaDuke and taught by multiple faculty. Santa Rosa City Schools has convened a task force focused on Equity, with the aim of bringing equity to all professional development conversations in the district, and to explore best practices and pathways for integrating Ethnic Studies into district schools. The task force aims to invest in and support up to 60 teachers who are prioritizing social justice as a lens and outcome of their practice.NBISP will serve SRCS’ goals by organizing logistics for space and providing CEUs to the SRCS Equity Task Force and other SRCS teachers who opt into an Inquiry to Action Mini-Course, adapted from SSU’s core Identity and Agency curriculum. Small groups will focus on context-specific learning goals, with an authentic deliverable that serves the advancement of teaching for social justice in the district. As a form of investing in teacher learning, SRCS will identify pathways for teacher participants to leave their classrooms for a day (or two) to observe, support and/or mentor an accountability partner from their inquiry group.Participants include grades k-12 teachers from all disciplines. Teachers will continue to check in with the Site Director and the NBISP team to reflect on how they are using the Inquiry to Action process in the mini-course to advance their practice as teachers for social justice, and to develop an authentic and scalable deliverable for the district. Much of the evaluation happens through informal surveys, focus groups and reflection at the Teaching for Social Justice Conference- Sonoma County (see below). CSMP goals being addressed explicitly include Goal I, III and IV.Teaching for Social Justice Conference- Sonoma County. In partnership with Sonoma State University and local schools, NBISP will support the organizing logistics and CEUs for a day of teacher learning around the mission of advancing equity and justice, which are issues of global significance that manifest daily in the lives of teachers and their students. The conference will be modeled after a national conference held in San Francisco each year called Teachers for Social Justice. Teachers from the SRCS Inquiry to Action Groups will be primed to share reflections, best practices and their deliverables as session leaders. Teachers from around the county, affiliated with SSUor not, will be invited to submit proposals and attend this day of learning.For a complete proposal draft, with next step meetings and agreements set for March 20th, 2018 between SRCS and Sonoma State. R_7oi5t4L0/editSSU Point: Dr. Aja LaDuke (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Carlos Ayala (Dean, School of Education)SRCS Point: Elizabeth Evans, Curriculum Coordinator and Ethnic Studies Exploration Committee Chair

Activities (1)

Action Plans for Restorative Justice Program CGEPSSU and Santa Rosa City School

Social Justice Inquiry to Action Project Launch (Fall)Santa Rosa City SchoolsWednesday, September 5, 20184pm to 6pm Facilitators:  Elizabeth Evans, Aja LaDuke, Michelle MazzeoGoals:Thank you for coming!  Please take a nametag and help yourself to refreshments. Who are we?Icebreaker Activity ~ Equity and Diversity Awareness Quiz(from, dated 2017) Why are we here? What will we do?Brief description of the Social Justice Inquiry to Action projectRevisit Community Agreements from meeting on June 7Discuss, Add, Edit for full group What is the project timeline? What is the structure? Do we need a product?Our initial ideasSignificant elements – Mid-year Check-in Meeting, Spring Conference, Ongoing Meetings with your group (and associated payment structure)Support Team and “Monday Meeting” OptionOptions - Evidence or Deliverable(s), Process and/or ProductYOUR thoughts and suggestions! Small Groups from June Report Out  & Finalize Groups Meet in Groups Share contact information and schedule availabilityTime for brainstormingSchedule meeting for October (may choose to meet during “Monday Meeting” with support team, but NOT required) Complete Survey (Optional) THANK YOU FOR COMING!


Santa Rosa District Office
211 Ridgway Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

September 26, 2018, 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm