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Heritage Speakers Strand: Authentic Cultural and Technical Resources for Heritage Speakers
Registration:  Open
Program Hours:  40
Cost:  $350.00
Activities:  0
Program Start Date:  September 16, 2017
Program End Date:  April 14, 2018
Seats Available:  25

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California World Language Project (CWLP)

Program Location

4910 N. Chestnut Ave M/S OF123
Fresno, CA 93726

Program Site

Central California World Languages Project (CCWLP)

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Nancy Perez


Program Registration

This program is open to all interested teachers.
There are no restictions on registration.

Program Cost: $ 350.00

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Heritage Speakers Strand: Authentic Cultural and Technical Resources for Heritage Speakers

About The Program:

This 40-hour program directly support CSMP Goals I, II and is dedicated to serving teachers of heritage speakers to identify and successful employ authentic cultural and technical resources with their students. The focus of this program will be to support participants with academic language and literacy development instructional strategies that promotes higher levels of literacy for heritage speakers of world languages  and English Learners.  Participants will have multiple opportunities to research, develop, refine, and/or enhance their current instructional practices, resources and align them with aligned with the World Language Content Standards, the Common Core State Standards for the Technical Subjects, the English Language Development Standards, as well as the English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework. Specifically, participants will develop lessons/units using the concepts of Backward Design and  Into Through and Beyond and the appropriate assessment tools to monitor student progress and throughout each lesson as well as end-of-course summative assessments.   This program is designed to support all the teachers in our region who teach Heritage Speakers with certain aspects of the program being conducted in English with the possibility of  breakout sessions that are language specific (Chinese, Hmong, Punjabi, etc.)

Link to Course outline:  Heritage Speakers Strand:


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