California Subject Matter Project

Concurrence Committee


The California Subject Matter Project seeks to improve student achievement and learning by providing comprehensive, content-focused professional development for teachers, by building teacher leadership, and by creating and maintaining collaborative networks of K-12 teachers and university faculty.

Unique Model

The California Subject Matter Project (CSMP) is a network of nine discipline-based projects that provide rigorous professional development, designed by K-12 and university educators, to enhance learning for all students. Through nearly 90 regional sites statewide, CSMP creates communities of practice that promote high-quality teaching, leadership and educational equity.CSMP gives educators a variety of professional learning opportunities designed by teachers and university faculty – including workshops, leadership institutes and in-service programs. Through the project’s research-based approach, participants improve and enrich their teaching of specific subjects.

With a network comprising the nine projects listed below, CSMP encompasses the course content represented in California’s K-12 standards and frameworks, and covers all of the academic disciplines required to meet college entrance (“a-g”) requirements.

  • The California Arts Project
  • California Global Education Project
  • California History-Social Science Project
  • California Mathematics Project
  • California Physical Education-Health Project
  • California Reading & Literature Project
  • California Science Project
  • California World Language Project
  • California Writing Project

Of the many professional development opportunities available to California teachers, few are as well-regarded and enduring as CSMP’s portfolio of programs. The project differs from other educator professional development providers in its unique, long-standing model.

Hallmarks of CSMP

  • Programs join subject-specific content with innovative pedagogy.School-university partnerships, including collaboration between K-12 teachers and university faculty, are collegial in nature, honoring teacher knowledge.
  • Cultivation of and emphasis on teacher leadership.
  • After completing a program, teachers are offered ongoing education resources and support through professional communities.

These core elements have remained consistent in spite of budget cuts and the growing needs of the districts, schools and teachers CSMP serves.

Critical Resource

As California works to support educators in implementing the Common Core State Standards, English Language Development, and Career Technical Education standards, CSMP represents a critical resource for teachers, schools, and districts throughout the state.CSMP programs support teachers’ implementation of standards and literacy strategies in order to nurture the academic skills of ELLs and students with low literacy and content area skills. With a core group of expert teacher leaders and university faculty working with teachers to engage students in rigorous academic work, CSMP bolsters the state’s efforts to incorporate the new standards and SBAC assessments, while also addressing the needs of California’s diverse students to ensure they acquire the requisite content knowledge to succeed in college and beyond/or in their chosen careers.